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What is AlertCertified?

AlertCertified is a division of the World Institute of Safety.  AlertCertified certification programs cover emergency preparedness for medical emergencies, fire safety, natural disasters, and terrorisms/violence.


What topics are covered in the class?

• Conducting Drills & Evacuations

• Fire Safety Training

• Preparedness for Natural Disasters

• Preparedness for Terrorism/Active-shooter

• Preparedness for Public Disturbances

• Preparedness for Workplace Violence

• Preparedness for Explosions

• Preparedness for Civil Disturbances



What’s included in the class?

The full class with one drill (evacuation review) which meets the OSHA requirements for an Emergency Response Plan for one site (site defined below), and access to our messaging service, which can send texts, emails and social media posts to staff or customers instant.


A site consists of one physical location of a workplace up to one floor. Additional floors are considered additional sites. Each additional site that requires an action plan is $119.00 fee.


What type of program is AlertCertified?

AlertCertified is a safety certification program designed to train organizations on how to respond to basic workplace emergencies and general workplace safety.


What kind of situations are covered by the curriculum?

AlertCertified covers topics such as; fires, evacuations, how to respond to medical emergencies, natural disasters, terrorism, active-shooters and even public disturbances.


What OHSA-mandated laws do I have to follow?

Generally all employers must have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) under the OSHA standard CFR 1910.38. The EAP must be in writing and available for employees to view, however, if your organization has ten or fewer employees, it may then be given verbally. Additional, An employer must designate and train employees to assist in a safe and orderly evacuation of other employees.


How long does training take?

On average, AlertCertified classes take about two and half hours, but can vary depending on class size and class location.


How long will my staff be certified?

AlertCertified certifications last for 1 year.

Where do AlertCertified training sessions take place?

All of our training takes place in the comfort of your own workplace. This onsite training is to ensure that any safety plan is custom tailored for your location.


Do I have to buy a textbook for the class?

No, all training materials are provided for you.


What hours and days can I schedule AlertCertified?

We offer classes on any day and at any and we work hard to conform the lessons to your business’ schedule.


Is CPR and First Aid training part of the course?

Unfortunately, the AlertCertified emergency preparedness course does not include CPR or First Aid training. If you are interested in becoming certified in either of these; we can bundle them all together.


How do I register for AlertCertified?

You can submit a request on our website;, or reach us by phone at (877) 52-LEARN.


How much does AlertCertified cost?

Prices are dependent on class size, and how many courses you will be taking. For an in-depth quote please contact one of our education specialists at (877) 52-LEARN.


Where are you located?

AlertCertified is a subsidiary of The World Institute of Safety in Washington, D.C. Our headquarters are located just two blocks from the White House at:

1629 K St, NW Suite 300 | Washington, DC 20006. Our central operations is at 20 S Charles St, 4th floor Baltimore, MD 21201.


Are you an accredited organization?

Yes, AlertCertified’s curriculums are approved by The World Institute of Safety. Various organizations can choose to provide continuing education credits as they determine.